California's Water Fountain Study and Results

The very first US city to pass a tax on high calorie drinks was Berkley, California in February 2014. The goal is to get people drinking more water and other natural drinks by increasing the price of soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks. Research was conducted to find out the status of local drinking water fountains and whether individuals from different racial or economic backgrounds had less access to them. Facts on the city’s drinking water fountains were pulled together using a GPS created specifically for the research. a-570__22691.jpg Demographic data on race and income was then assembled using the US Census database. The researchers looked to use both data sets to figure out if demographics were associated to drinking water fountain access. Each water fountain and the demographics of its neighboring area were examined to reveal whether the location of the fountains or their level of maintenance revealed any correlation to income, race, or other points. Many of the water fountains were not clean or blocked, in spite of the fact that the majority of fountains worked.

The Beautiful Cascade Water Feature at Chatsworth Garden

The Cascade garden fountain forms a magnificent centerpiece to the landscape and is situated at the rear of Chatsworth House. For 200 yards towards the house is a series of 24 irregularly positioned stone steps extending all the way down the hillside. The Cascade, also completely gravity fed, is modeled on a 17th century French format. In 1696, this water fountain was built for the first Duke of Devonshire and has been kept unaltered ever since that time. Standing at the peak of the fountain is the Cascade House, from which water runs downward. Adorned on the exterior with deep-sea creatures in bas-relief, the house is a smaller building.

Prior to proceeding down the Cascade, on important occasions water pressure to the Cascade can be boosted, causing the Cascade House to become an element of the Cascade display, as water passes through ducts on its roof and originating from the jaws of its carved marine creatures. Creating a wonderful and relaxing accompaniment to a walk through the gardens, the minor contrast in measurement of every step indicates that the sound of the water plummeting down differs as it falls along the Cascades. This cascade was chosen in a survey, carried out by Country Life in 2004, as the UK'sbest water feature.

Outdoor Water Elements: Honor the Life of Someone you Loved

To honor the memory of someone who has passed away, consider creating a garden fountain. Age-old practices are frequently met with defiance nowadays. That said, people still commonly have some type of memorial for loved ones who have passed. Some memorials might include a number of personal objects. There are countless ways to commemorate someone lost and many people choose a backyard garden fountain to this end. There are lots of ways to individualize your garden fountain in your loved one’s memory such as planting flowers including, attaching a plaque, or gathering for memorial services around the fountain.

Garden fountains allow you to pay homage to loved ones you have lost. Success and a good life lived can be celebrated with the flowing water, which is a figurative depiction of those things. Whatever sort of garden fountain you select as a memorial, make sure it is durable, high quality, and able to tolerate any type of weather. You will want to ensure that your memorial will last many years once in place.

Architectural Sculpture in Early Greece

Most sculptors were remunerated by the temples to adorn the elaborate pillars and archways with renderings of the gods right up until the period came to a close and countless Greeks began to think of their religion as superstitious rather than sacred, when it became more typical for sculptors to represent ordinary people as well. Portraiture became widespread as well, and would be accepted by the Romans when they conquered the Greeks, and quite often wealthy families would commission a depiction of their progenitors to be positioned inside their huge familial tombs.

During the the many years of The Greek Classical period, a time of aesthetic development, the use of sculpture and many other art forms changed, so it is incorrect to think that the arts served just one purpose. It could be the advanced quality of Greek sculpture that captivates our attention today; it was on a leading-edge practice of the classic world whether it was made for religious reasons or artistic pleasure.

Grow Your Company with a Fountain in Your Workplace

Most customers value water fountains. The entranceway to your company or store is a great place to place a water fountain as will increase traffic flow as well as differentiate you from others. Yoga studios, bookstores, coffee shops, salons, and other retail spaces are ideal places to place a water feature. For businesses where people like to mingle outdoors, a water fountain can provide a chilled environment. A bar or restaurant should think about adding a water fountain to draw in couples seeking a romantic setting.

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