"Old School" Water Feature Manufacturers

Often working as architects, sculptors, artists, engineers and highly educated scholars all in one, from the 16th to the late 18th century, fountain designers were multi-talented people, During the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci illustrated the artist as an creative intellect, creator and scientific expert. The forces of nature led him to explore the qualities and motion of water, and due to his curiosity, he methodically documented his findings in his now renowned notebooks. Innovative water exhibits complete with symbolic meaning and natural beauty transformed private villa settings when early Italian water fountain designers coupled creativity with hydraulic and gardening abilities. The humanist Pirro Ligorio, celebrated for his virtuosity in archeology, architecture and garden design, provided the vision behind the splendors in Tivoli. art_shot_ft_131__61370.jpg Masterminding the phenomenal water marbles, water attributes and water jokes for the numerous estates in the vicinity of Florence, other water fountain designers were well versed in humanist themes as well as time-honored scientific texts.

A Water Element Your Feline Will Enjoy

Is your cat drawn to the noise of running water in the sink? Do you find him gulping toilet water or hesitating before drinking water from his own dish? Odd as these behaviors appear, they really show a cat’s natural instinct to avoid still standing water. In most instances, they will not seek out much water to drink.

In nature, cats tend to eat moisture-rich meat, which means they do not need to frequently search for water. This tendency eliminated any instinct felines had to find additional water to drink. Owner's of a pet cat, on the other hand, need to make sure their cats get enough water because it is an important part of their overall health. To keep a healthy water supply for your pet, get it a cat fountain.

It will have plenty of clean water if you install one in your yard. There are many different variations of fountains so you can get one that your cat really likes. Some fountains are basically a basin which refills automatically while others supply fresher water due to their constant flow.

Fountains: Furry Friends, Flying Friends and You

Anyone who has bird feeders knows that outdoor water fountains bring in wildlife. Drinking, bathing, and grooming are some of the things birds need to do. There are some birds, like robins, thrushes, orioles, or warblers, which are not attracted to bird feeders, but are interested in fountains because of the moving water. Many flying creatures enjoy running water rather than of still water, thus making such outdoor features much more appealing than bowl shaped birdbaths. Birds are greatly attracted to the trickling and splashing sounds produced.

Dogs are attracted to fountains because they offer fresh water to drink.

Hot days drive dogs and cats to anxiously look for the freshest water nearby. Also, regularly coursing water fountains require less upkeep than the still water of a birdbath that tend to get dirtier.

The Pull of Multi-Level Water Elements

Gardens are typical places to showcase a tiered fountain, a style which has historically been very fashionable. You can see many of these fountains in Italy, Spain, and other Southern European nations. The courtyards of buildings and communal areas are just a couple the areas you might find one. While some tiered fountains have sophisticated designs including sculptures or artwork, others are very basic.

While they can be located just about anywhere, they seem particularly at home in more classic settings. If done right, anyone seeing the fountain will assume it has been there for a long time.

Enrich Your Office Surroundings with a Garden Water Feature

Entice more clients to your workplace by putting in a garden fountain.

A pretty one will make your office space feel comforting and welcoming. Corporate areas, as opposed to home spaces, need to have outdoor fountains that make the place feel enticing and leave a positive impression on guests and employees.

In order to drive commercial success, a company must constantly aim to attract new customers and impress them right away. Garden water fountains, beautiful plants, and other elements, will contribute a bit of nature even in a small spaces. For offices located on bigger properties, it is feasible to install even more impressive garden displays. However, there are a lot of commercial spaces that must settle on much smaller areas.

New customers who have a positive impression of your organization is really the aim in this case. Installing an inviting garden fountain can be your secret weapon to acquiring new clients.

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