The Original Outside Water Fountain Designers

Water fountain designers were multi-talented people from the 16th to the later part of the 18th century, often serving as architects, sculptors, artists, engineers and highly educated scholars all in one person. During the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci illustrated the artist as a creative intellect, creator and scientific specialist. s-359__87514.jpg He methodically reported his observations in his now famed notebooks about his studies into the forces of nature and the qualities and motion of water. Innovative water displays loaded with symbolic significance and natural grace changed private villa settings when early Italian water fountain designers combined creativity with hydraulic and gardening skill. The humanist Pirro Ligorio provided the vision behind the splendors in Tivoli and was distinguished for his abilities in archeology, architecture and garden design. For the various estates in the vicinity of Florence, other water feature builders were well versed in humanistic themes as well as ancient scientific texts, masterminding the excellent water marbles, water features and water humor.

The Advantages of Disappearing Fountains in your Backyard

There are two terms for this kind of fountain: “disappearing” and “pondless”. You cannot see where the water comes from, as it is below ground. An appropriate place for a disappearing fountain is anywhere that gets regular foot traffic, as it adds lovely visual and sound effects to the environment. It is easy to find the style that is right for you, as there are so many to pick from such as millstones, ceramic urns, waterfalls, and also those with granite columns.

A disappearing fountain could be the most appropriate choice for you for a number of reasons. Any risk to anyone standing around it is averted since the water source is underneath ground level. As such, it is safe for children to hang out near it. Moreover, no water can evaporate because it is not subjected to the open air. Other types of fountains use more water due to evaporation. This type of fountain is perfect if you do not have a lot of time to clean it often since neither dirt nor algae can reach it underground. Last but not least, because of its small size it can fit nearly anywhere you want.

Enrich Your Office Environment with a Garden Water Element

Attract more clients to your workplace by putting in a garden fountain. An attractive feature such as this will make clients feel welcome to your office. Unlike home fountains, outdoor fountains installed in business settings should both welcome visitors and leave a lasting impression on everyone who sees them.

In order to drive commercial success, a company must constantly strive to attract new clients and impress them right away.

Do not be concerned if you only have a small space, adding a garden water fountain and some beautiful flowers will go a long way. For offices located on bigger properties, it is possible to install even more attractive garden displays. That said, there are plenty that only have space for a small display with which to make an impressive and lasting statement.

It all boils down to the need to bring in new clientele and make an immediate positive impression. An appealing garden fountain is like having a welcoming committee for new clients outside your office at all times.

Easy-to-Fallow Tips to Hang a Wall Water Fountain

Wall fountains can suit any space. The benefits of the water sounds include providing serenity and calm to the room. While any room will benefit from a wall fountain, they are most often placed in entryways. The best way to mount one depends on the style, but the standard process is the same. Be sure that all the different pieces are used in assembling it. First you should attach the base to the upper section, then connect the pump and the tubing. Be sure to review the instruction manual before starting to ensure it is done right. You should find the process relatively straightforward. Keep in mind, though, that each design might require a slight adjustment. Another person can be helpful to hold the wall fountain in the correct place so that you can mark the wall. The easiest way to ensure it is hung correctly is to use a level. Mark the wall where you want the top of the wall fountain as well as the bottom. Wall features can be installed in more than one way. There are slots on the back which can be hung onto the screws you place on the wall. On the other hand, brackets can be secured to the wall. This option tends to be suggested for big wall fountains.

Make a spot on the wall where the brackets will best go on your wall fountain. To insert the drywall anchors, first drill pilot holes into the wall. Carefully tap on the anchors with a hammer to insert them into the wall. The brackets can then be mounted on the wall utilizing a screwdriver or cordless drill. The wall fountain is all set to be mounted onto the brackets. Ensure that it is firmly mounted and level. Put in water once the wall fountain is ready. There must be enough water to cover the water pump. Plug the pump into the wall and watch the water begin to circulate. The water basin should be filled to approximately an inch below the top end. The basin will overflow when the pump is off if it is too full, so be sure not to fill it completely. Once the pump is shut off the water all settles at the bottom of the basin, causing the water level to rise. The water will overflow and cause property damage if your wall fountain is overly full.

Free Drinking Fountains in Berkley, California

The first example of a sugary drinks tax in the USA came in February 2014, when it was passed by the city of Berkley, California. The taxation is thought to lower sugary drink intake and augment the consumption of healthier drinks, like water from fountains. Efforts were made to find out the condition of local drinking water fountains in both high- and low-income neighborhoods. Through content amassed by a mobile GPS app, professionals were able to identify the condition of existing water fountains in Berkley. Demographic data on race and income was then assembled using the US Census database.

The 2 data sets were compared to determine what class disparities, if any, there were in access to working water fountains. The testing was able to pinpoint the demographics of areas with water fountains, also observing whether the condition of the fountains was better or worse in lower class neighborhoods. Many of the water fountains were not clean or blocked, in spite of the fact that most fountains worked.

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