The Famed Revelation Garden Fountain at Chatsworth Gardens

Designed by popular British sculptor Angela Conner, Revelation is the most recent addition to the Chatsworth ornamental exterior fountains. In celebration of the Queen’s 80th birthday celebration, she was mandated by the deceased 11th Duke of Devonshire to build a limited edition bust of Queen Elizabeth designed of brass and steel in 2004. One of Chatsworth’s first ponds, Jack Pond, had “Revelation” mounted in it in 1999. twf012__01503.jpg Alternatively concealing and displaying a gold colored globe at the sculpture’s center, the steel water feature takes on the shape of four large flower petals which open and close with the circulation of water. The sculpture’s dimensions are five meters in height by five meters in width and features a metallic globe finished with gold dust. This latest water fountain is a fascinating addition to the Chatsworth Gardens because the petals’ motion is completely powered by water.

Grow Your Company with a Water Feature in Your Offices

Most customers consider water fountains are a great addition to a business. Increasing traffic flow and differentiating yourself from the competitors are just some of the benefits of having a water fountain in your place of work. Such businesses as yoga studios, bookstores, coffee shops, and salons can financially benefit from installing a water feature nearby. A water fountain will offer the perfect ambiance to a business where people like to mingle and relax. A bar or restaurant should contemplate adding a water fountain to draw in couples trying to find a romantic setting.

How Technical Designs of Fountains Spread

The circulated reports and illustrated pamphlets of the day contributed to the evolution of scientific innovation, and were the chief methods of transmitting useful hydraulic concepts and water fountain ideas throughout Europe. An internationally recognized innovator in hydraulics in the late 1500's was a French fountain engineer, whose name has been lost to history. His expertise in designing landscapes and grottoes with built-in and brilliant water attributes began in Italy and with mandates in Brussels, London and Germany. “The Principles of Moving Forces”, a publication which turned into the fundamental text on hydraulic mechanics and engineering, was composed by him towards the end of his lifetime in France. The book modified key hydraulic breakthroughs since classical antiquity as well as detailing modern hydraulic technologies. The water screw, a technical method to move water, and developed by Archimedes, was showcased in the book. Sunlight heated the liquid in a pair of hidden vessels adjoining to the decorative water feature were shown in an illustration. Actuating the water feature is hot water which expands and ascends to seal up the conduits. Yard ponds as well as pumps, water wheels, and water feature styles are incorporated in the publication.

"Old School" Water Feature Manufacturers

Frequently working as architects, sculptors, designers, engineers and discerning scholars, all in one, fountain designers were multi-faceted individuals from the 16th to the later part of the 18th century. Leonardo da Vinci, a Renaissance artist, was renowned as an ingenious intellect, inventor and scientific expert. With his tremendous fascination regarding the forces of nature, he investigated the properties and mobility of water and also systematically documented his findings in his now celebrated notebooks. Coupling creativity with hydraulic and horticultural talent, early Italian fountain creators modified private villa settings into brilliant water exhibits filled with emblematic implications and natural charm. Known for his virtuosity in archeology, design and garden creations, Pirro Ligorio, the humanist, provided the vision behind the wonders in Tivoli. Other water fountain designers, masterminding the incredible water marbles, water functions and water jokes for the countless estates near Florence, were well-versed in humanist topics and time-honored scientific readings.

Disappearing Fountains: Some of the Plusses of Having one in your Backyard

Another term for a disappearing fountain is a “pondless” fountain. It is referred to as “disappearing” due to the fact the water source is under ground. Disappearing fountains add calming sound effects and striking visuals to any place where people get together. They come in a wide array of styles, some of which are ceramic urns, waterfalls, granite columns, and millstones.

There are many reasons to give some thought to getting a disappearing fountain. Any risk to anyone standing around it is eliminated since the water source is underneath ground level.

That said, you will not have to stress out about the safety of your children. Evaporating water is also not a concern since the water source is not exposed to heat. Other types of fountains use more water due to evaporation. The water source will remain uncontaminated and free of debris since it is underground and algae will not grow in it, so you will not need to waste a lot of time cleaning it. Last but not least, because of its small size it can fit nearly any place you wish.

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