Outdoor Fountains And Obesity

In February 2014, a levy on sugar-sweetened beverages was approved in Berkley, CA, making it the first city in the United States to bring in such a law. The purpose is to have everyone drinking more water and other natural drinks by raising the cost of soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks. First, the city conducted an analysis to assess whether citizens had proper access to working drinking water fountains. ft-208__78582.jpg By developing a mobile GPS application, experts were able to gather data on Berkley’s drinking water fountains. The US Census Community Study database was utilized to amass information pertaining to race and economic status in these areas. The 2 data sets were compared to figure out what class variances, if any, there were in access to working water fountains. The surrounding demographics of each water fountain location was made note of, while additionally identifying whether race or income levels made a huge difference in the state of repair of each fountain. Many of the water fountains were dirty or clogged, in spite of the fact that the majority of fountains worked.

The Results of the Norman Invasion on Anglo Saxon Gardens

Anglo-Saxons encountered extraordinary modifications to their daily lives in the latter half of the eleventh century due to the accession of the Normans. The Normans were better than the Anglo-Saxons at architecture and horticulture when they came into power. But before centering on home-life or having the occasion to contemplate domestic architecture or decoration, the Normans had to subjugate an entire population. Castles were more basic designs and often constructed on blustery hills, where their tenants spent both time and space to practicing offense and defense, while monasteries were major stone buildings, regularly positioned in the widest, most fruitful hollows. Relaxing activities such as gardening were out of place in these destitute citadels. Berkeley Castle, perhaps the most unspoiled style of the early Anglo-Norman style of architecture, still exists today. The keep is thought to date from the time of William the Conqueror. As a technique of deterring assailants from tunneling underneath the walls, an immense terrace surrounds the building. One of these terraces, a charming bowling green, is covered grass and flanked by an ancient yew hedge cut into the figure of crude battlements.

The Appeal of Multi-Tiered Water Features

For many years now now, multi-tiered fountains have been common, most notably in gardens. These kinds of fountains are popular in Italy, Spain, and other Mediterranean countries. Piazzas and building courtyards are very popular areas where you will see tiered fountains. While some multi-level fountains have sophisticated designs including sculptures or artwork, others are very basic.

Any area can be embellished with one, although a more traditional setting is sometimes more suitable.

If done properly, anyone seeing the fountain will think it has been there for many years.

The Eye-Catching Cascade Fountain at Chatsworth Garden

Providing a fabulous center of attention to the gardens at the back of Chatsworth House is the Cascade garden fountain. For 200 yards alongside the house is a series of twenty-four irregularly spaced stone steps stretching all the way down the hillside. Founded on a 17th century French concept, the Cascade is also entirely gravity fed. In 1696, this particular water fountain was created for the original Duke of Devonshire and has remained the same ever since that time. The Cascade House stands at the very top of the fountain where water flows downward. The residence, decorated on the exterior with ocean creatures in bas-relief, is actually a small-scale building. Causing the Cascade House to become part of the Cascade pageant, on important occasions water pressure to the Cascade can be enhanced, as liquid passes through conduits on its roof and from the mouths of its carved sea creatures, before continuing down the Cascade. Creating a fantastic and soothing accompaniment to a walk through the landscape, the minor difference in measurement of each step signifies that the sound of the water falling down fluctuates as it falls along the Cascades. In 2004, Chatsworth's Cascade was voted the best water feature in England.

Putting in a Fountain Can Be a Boost to your Business

Most people visiting a business love to see water fountain. A business or store with a lovely water fountain in its entryway will bring in customers and distinguish them from the competition. Such businesses as yoga studios, bookstores, coffee shops, and salons can financially profit from placing a water feature nearby. A water fountain will offer the perfect ambiance to a business where people like to mingle and relax. A water fountain in a bar or restaurant can be a good way to attract lovers on a date.

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